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Angelique is an outstanding and diverse tropical hardwood known for its unique properties. Angelique is also known as Basralocus. While its stunning colors and grain make it well-suited for aesthetic projects like fencing, siding, and decking, its high durability, strength, and stability make it also suited for heavy industrial strength projects. Adding to this the species’ unique traits regarding Marine projects and you have an excellent versatile species that can be applied in almost any project.

Angelique has a unique brown color that is very appealing and takes stains well allowing it to be used in residential projects for decks, fencing, and siding. Originating from South America (just like well-known species like Ipe and Cumaru) this species has stood the test of time.

Angelique Wood Deck and StairsAngelique Wood Deck and Stairs
Angelique Wood Deck RailingAngelique Wood Deck Railing
Angelique Wood Exterior Privacy WallAngelique Wood Exterior Privacy Wall
Angelique Wood Siding GarageAngelique Wood Siding Garage
Angelique Wood Decking

Product Specifications:

Species of Wood: Angelique, Basralocus

Photosensitivity: Yes

Density: 650 (KG/m3)

Janka Hardness: 1,290 (pounds)

Modulus of Rupture (MOR): 17,390 (psi)

Modulus of Elasticity (MOE): 2,190 (1000 psi)

Grade: Clear

Grain: All Heart

Usage: S2S, S4S, E4E, Rough

Condition: KD

Weight per 1000 SF or BF: 3500 lb

Other Names: Dicorynia guianensis, Dicorynia paraensis, Angelica do Para, Tapaiuana, Barakaroeballi, Basralokus


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